Based on the consensus of scientists worldwide immediate and effective change is required to address climate change. Our current mindset, our current daily lifestyles, our current daily business conduct as well as local, regional, provincial and federal governance is not congruent with the requirements of the moment.

At Yard Hero we believe we have to take ownership, real and true leadership and most of all action on these requirements.

 It has to start at a cellular local community level - WITH YOU!!!

Our goal is to create the opportunity for “collective efficacy” – the belief that individuals can work together to achieve a common goal. Given that collective efficacy is associated with the intention to take collective action, awareness leads to a higher likelihood of engaging in collective action. 

We will then activate Maloney’s 16% Rule. 

It is Yard Hero’s intention to be an innovative opinion leader, demonstrate and prove the best principles and practices of environmental management in something as simple as lawn care to achieve our goal of reducing our impact and footprint on the environment. 

The adoption of the innovation of ideas starts with a mere 3% of the population who are creative technological innovators who then appeal to the next 13.5 % segment of the population of enthusiastic creative early adopters and innovators.

As you engage these two groups of people who are true believers you reach the tipping point where the adoption of the innovation of ideas develops a mind of its own and rapidly expands throughout a population. (see illustration)

Diffusion of Innovation

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