Lawns that are mostly weeds happen because your soil wants to grow weeds and not grass. The best way to manage weeds is to change the soil conditions so the soil wants to grow grass by incorporating natural organic composted manure, peat moss, topsoil and compost yard waste. And then over-seeding on a regular basis as weeds don’t like competition for time, space and resources for their “turf”. Fertilize with natural organic materials on a spring and fall basis only to keep the grasses winning over the weeds.

Other weed control factors include: 

  1. Mowing height — if you cut the grass at least 3 inches, there will be fewer weeds; 
  2. Raking in the spring can stir up weed seeds and encourage germinate; 
  3. Topdressing the lawn with natural organic compounds followed by overseeding thin or bare spots will improve the health of your lawn; 
  4. Spot treat weeds with an organic herbicide or iron-based selective herbicide or simply pull them out of the lawn.

Dandelions will start showing their bright, yellow faces early in the spring and they are going to try to make their annual appearance on your lawn.  Procrastinating and tolerating their short-lived bloom and then enduring watching their wispy seed pods spread their seeds into the wind from your neighbour's lawn onto yours is not the right option???

Yard Hero chooses a non-toxic chemical method of eradication for this dilemma. 

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