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The winter is approaching fast and as the days get shorter and the weather colder, we are left with fewer choices for outdoor activities and feel less energy to be active. 

Slowing down is a normal part of wintertime. We have less sunshine and have to spend more energy to keep warm, but it is still important to stay active throughout the winter, even if it is not on a daily basis. Having a few consistent vigorous activities will go a long way, helping you to stay in shape and feel energized. 

Here I compiled some of my favourite things to do in winter. Choices, of course, are limitless and Alberta offers a lot of exciting activities to partake in. From riding the Gondola in Banff to extreme things like heli-skiing in the Canmore area, you can always find interesting things to do.  

I chose the activities that I am more likely to do this winter with my lifestyle as a mother of two kids working full time.


1) Spend a weekend in the Rocky Mountains. 

As Albertans, we are very fortunate to have the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. The Rocky Mountains are extremely beautiful and magnetic. I always find a trip to mountains invigorating, relaxing and inspiring. 

The majestic look of the Mountains … If you are a sensitive and energy-aware person you might feel like your spirit has more space to spread out and expand. Trips to Mountains are like a SPA for your soul. 

While Banff and Jasper are usually the most popular destinations, the entire Banff National Park is noteworthy. Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, so if you only have a short time in the Banff area be sure to see these two destinations. 


2)Go tobogganing

Tobogganing is super easy to get into for the whole family to spend time together and have fun. No preparation is necessary before going tobogganing. All you need to do is get a toboggan for each person in your family or you can get a bigger size toboggan to share for 2-3 people. Find some tobogganing hills in your area that are good for the whole family and not too steep or dangerous for your kids and enjoy! Make sure everyone is wearing warm clothes, snow pants and shoes with a good grip. Bring some hot chocolate in the thermos and snacks to keep you warm. 

3)Cross country skiing or other sports

Alberta is a wonderful province for winter sports. It's ideal for ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, dog-sledding and more. If you live in Edmonton, you can find a number of cross-country ski trails in the River Valley area. These trails are accessible, open to everyone and regularly maintained to accommodate different levels of skiers. If you are a beginner, you can start with the smaller trailers and gradually increase trail complexity and length as you continue to ski. 


4)Build a snowman

Building a snowman is easy, but the snow needs to be soft and sticky. When the weather warms up and snow is just starting to melt, it’s a great time to build a snowman! Kids especially love doing it. Start by rolling big balls of snow and putting them on top of each other. After you got the shape of the snowman ready, you can use food colours to decorate it and draw a face. Use sticks for arms, put a scarf around the “neck”, add any other details you feel like to make the snowman look fun and “alive”. 


5) Get a snow removal subscription service

This is not technically an activity, but it is definitely going to help you enjoy the winter season. Shovelling snow isn’t always fun, and when it’s really cold outside, having to shovel snow in harsh weather can be really challenging! Especially if you like to be mobile, and take some spontaneous trips to the mountains during the winter, you will find the snow shovelling service a necessity. Edmonton gets especially high levels of snow, so if you live in Edmonton, getting a snow removal service is a really good idea.


6) Ice skating - always fun!

If you haven’t tried ice skating yet, you can take lessons. Try speed skates if you are not a fan of hard-shaped hockey skates. Skating is such a great combination exercise of balance and strength while also being a creative and fun activity. Community leagues will often have rinks that are available for the people in the community to use, so as long as you have skates, it won’t cost you anything to enjoy this fun activity. 


7) Have a family pajama day

Let’s face it - sometimes we spend a lot of time inside and if it’s really cold we might be inside all day. Why not embrace the day indoors with your family by hosting a pajama party? Plan a day during the cold snap to chill inside and watch some good movies and prepare some good snacks for the whole family to enjoy. It’s nice to spend a day without any agenda and to be able to relax and bond with your family. 


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