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Everyone knows that Alberta Winters can be extremely cold and unpredictable. No one likes to be outside at - 30* Celsius shovelling their never-ending driveway, sidewalks, and decks. If shovelling isn’t something you look forward to or you simply don’t have time for it in your busy schedule, let our Yard Hero professionals take care of your snow removal tasks.

Our team is hardworking and dedicated to servicing your property all winter long. With the proper tools and equipment, you can be sure that your yard will be cleared of any snowfall. Are you ready to stay warm inside this winter with our premium snow removal service? Call our team of yard maintenance experts today or fill out our contact form for more information!

Enjoy our Winter snow shovelling services to help tackle the snow around your driveway, walkways, decks and stairs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your property looks great all winter long. Snow shovelling is not fun, so let us take care of this task for you this winter. Lower the possibility of slips, trips, and falls throughout the Winter season with our snow removal services.

Why is it Important to Shovel Snow?

Shoveling snow is not something that you can set aside for when you have more time. Leaving the snow on your sidewalks might create unsafe conditions for you, your family, or your neighbors. If left too long, the snow gets compacted and much harder to remove later. What’s even worse, the weather fluctuations can cause the snow to melt and freeze, leaving ice on the surface and creating a danger of slipping and falling. 

Edmonton city bylaw requires that homeowners and businesses remove the snow within 48 hours after the end of the snowfall. On top of that, the mailman might skip delivering your mail if the sidewalk doesn’t look safe for him to use. 

Benefits of Getting a Seasonal Snow Removal service with Yard Hero:

  • Saves you time

Our services save you the time you would have to shovel and take the hassle out of winter yard maintenance. 

  • Liability and WCB Insurance

We are insured with WCB and liability, so you can rest assured that your property is taken care of in a professional manner and there is coverage in case of any problem.

  • Reliable customer service

Our friendly customer service representative will answer your questions in a timely manner to help you address any concerns and receive the best possible service. 

The Cost of Snow Removal

Our Snow Removal Plans for residential snow clearing include:

  • Unlimited visits after every snowfall – this means if it snows for 30 days/month, we will make 30 visits
  • We offer a flat rate or a flat seasonal rate for residential and light commercial properties

Are you interested in learning more about our snow removal services? Reach out to our team today at 780-453-5322 or fill out our contact form! We would be happy to go over your snow removal needs and add you to our Winter service list. 

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