After a long Alberta Winter, all homeowners and property managers want to restore their lawns to the once green and lush state they were back in Summer. Over the Fall and Winter months, pieces of grass, stems, roots, clippings, and other debris will settle on the surface of your lawn and will either naturally decompose or accumulate into thatch.

Though a thin layer of thatch is naturally occurring and often desirable, as it is organic material that will provide nutrients and insulation against temperature fluctuations, when thatch builds up too quickly and is unable to breakdown at the same rate, it can weaken the overall health of your lawn. 

What happens when your lawn has too much thatch and how do you correctly remove it?

When your property has too thick of a thatch layer, this causes the potential for it to block the lawn’s roots from growing to the depth that they need to properly get the water and nutrients that they need, and therefore causing the potential for your lawn to dry out. 

For these reasons, your lawn’s thatch layer should be examined annually to determine if dethatching should be performed. If you would like to receive your complimentary site-inspection, reach out to our team of lawn care and maintenance experts today! 

Our team of yard care technicians at Yard Hero typically recommend the following two services to remove your lawn’s layer of thatch:

Our power raking services are completed during our Spring Cleanup service period, typically April and May. This service is completed by the use of an electromechanical dethatcher that has rotating steel tines or blades which quickly and thoroughly take care of your thatch problem.

Essentially giving your tired lawn a nice back scratch, our dethatching services will refresh your lawn so it has the opportunity to grow and thrive once the warmer weather arrives! After dethatching has occurred, all that is left to do is to rake up and bag the unwanted fluffy thatch. Yard Hero’s thorough dethatching will leave your lawn with a fresh start for the Spring.

Reach out to our team today at 780-453-5322 or fill out our contact form to get started! We would be happy to go over the scope of your maintenance needs and get you a complimentary quote.

We service the following locations: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stoney Plain, Leduc, Beaumont, and more!

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