Canadian Winters are well known for being long and gruelling. Therefore after a long snowy season, every property could use some extra tender, love, and care to get a great kick start to being back in tip-top shape! Our Spring Cleanup services at Yard Hero provide a comprehensive care solution

An annual service provided by our team of lawn care professionals, aerating is the  process of removing two to three inch deep core plugs, consisting of soil, thatch, grass, and roots, from the base of your lawn to establish openings for movement of air, water and needed nutrients to create a healthy lawn. Learn more about the benefits here!

Enjoy all the Spring and Summer have to offer this year by investing in Yard Hero’s natural and organic lawn care solutions! Every homeowner wants to enjoy their weekends with friends and family in their backyard, not finding the perfect grass height to move their lawn and guessing which balance of fertilizer they require. Get your lawn thriving this year with our lawn maintenance services!

Everyone loves the fresh Autumn breeze and beautiful harvest colours that Fall brings Alberta; however, after all the leaves have fallen homeowners are left with a big to-do list before the Winter season arrives. Getting your lawn ready is crucial to maintaining its health over the frozen months. Our team of professional technicians have the experience to complete a thorough Fall Cleanup. Customize your Fall Cleanup Service for this September!

No one wants to be outside at - 30* Celsus shovelling their never-ending driveway, sidewalks, and decks. Are you looking for a reliable snow removal service in your local area? Our team is hardworking and dedicated to servicing your property all winter long.  Stay warm inside this winter with our premium snow removal service!

Yard Hero’s dog waste removal is a professional service based around the removal, disposal and yard sanitization of your pet’s waste. There are many benefits of having your property cleared of waste for all members of your family! Select the perfect service plan for your household's needs today!

Essentially giving your tired lawn a nice back scratch, our dethatching services will refresh your lawn so it has the opportunity to grow and thrive once the warmer weather arrives! After dethatching has occurred, all that is left to do is to rake up and bag the unwanted fluffy thatch. Yard Hero’s thorough dethatching will leave your lawn with a fresh start for the Spring.

Weeds are classified as any undesirable or troublesome plant, especially ones that grow profusely where they are not wanted, that take away nutrition and water from your soil. Are you overwhelmed with the quantity and density of weeds covering your lawn?

Over the year and throughout the Winter, the exterior structures and concrete of your home or business are exposed to a variety of elements. Rain, dust, salt, dirt, sand, and other foreign particles collect over the months and begin to embed themselves on the exterior surfaces of your property.

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My Wife and I got really sick right during the Snow storms at the end of January. Tim was a real hero for us making sure our walks were kept clean and safe for us. He did a great job communicating and a great job getting them clean. Thanks Tim!!!

Andrew Munro

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