Fall is a perfect opportunity to do some yard cleanup and get rid of all the leaves and old plants that have accumulated during the summer months. If you are not sure where to start, here are some general fall cleanup tips on how to do your fall leaf removal:

Fall Cleanup Tips


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  • Rake up all the leaves in your yard. Raking helps clean up any fallen leaves, pine needles, branches or other debris and garbage from the lawn. Raking also breaks up some thatch which allows roots to get more nutrients. 
  • Sweep up the garden beds, then remove and compost any dried-up plants. Next, pull out the weeds, examine perennials for diseases, and dispose of them (garbage, not compost) to avoid spreading the problem. 
  • Gather up items such as discarded toys, broken flower pots, worn-out garden gloves or anything else that you don't use anymore. 
  • Get rid of any weeds that have sprung up in your flower beds or between cracks in paving stones or lawn. Weeds are any plant that grows where it is not wanted. They usually come from seeds dropped by wind, birds, and animals or spread by water or people, which means that anyone can get weeds in their garden if they do not take steps to control them. You can use natural weed control products to avoid pesticide pollution and any harm to your pets and children.
  • Cut back any perennials prone to the diseases: bee balm and phlox are prone to powdery mildew, for example. Sunflowers, daylilies and yarrows can be cut back as well. Check out this information on how to care for perennials in the fall.  
  • Paint or stain fences if they're looking shabby. Hire your local painting contractor if you don’t have time to paint yourself. 
  • Power wash your deck to make sure there is no grime left. Pressure washing will prolong the life of wood as it gets rid of any mould and potentially damaging elements. However, if the deck isn’t maintained well, the grime will hide the problems, and the wood might rot much faster than you think. 
  • Clean and organize your tools before you put them away for winter. You shouldn't leave your tools outside because they will rust and get damaged by the weather, so if you don’t have the shed, make sure you find a space in your basement to store all your tools, including the wheelbarrow. 
  • Clean out the shed if you have one. Get rid of anything that isn’t needed anymore. Put up some shelving units to store all of the tools and equipment neat and handy. 

Here is the approximate fall cleanup list to get you started. The actual set of tasks will vary depending on your specific yard. Some jobs are easy to do on your own; others like aeration, power edging, natural weed control require professional skills and tools. So, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

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