Yard Hero offers full-service Yard care to clients.

Finding top quality, reputable, local lawn care and snow removal services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and other surrounding areas can be challenging. Our professional maintenance technicians at Yard Hero are committed to providing reliable service to all our residential and commercial clients and to providing our services with a focus on environmental responsibility, stewardship, and guardianship. 

How? By putting the concept into practice utilizing the best principles and practices of ISO 14001 environmental management!

Yard Hero is committed to reducing our everyday environmental impact and footprint in everything we do. From using natural organic products versus common chemicals to leveraging new innovations in electric technology to dramatically reduce or eliminate our emissions, to our treatment of the natural earth through composting, and minimizing noise with battery-powered equipment, our evolving team is ready to make a difference in our industry and your life. 

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reduced noise by Yard Hero
reduced chemicals by Yard Hero

Why choose us?

Yard Hero can complete all your lawn care and snow removal service needs in Edmonton, no matter how big or small. Our mentorship team has over twenty-five years of expertise in the exterior property maintenance industry and the skills needed to have your property thriving and looking its best. It is our promise to complete your services to the highest standard while completely respecting your property. We care so you can live carefreely! 

Our Services

Our technicians come with the experience, training, and proper equipment required to provide the highest quality maintenance services both you and your hard-earned money deserve. We are passionate about providing the following services for our residential and commercial clients:

Request Site Inspection

Request a site inspection and consultation on your needs, concerns and expectations.

Develop Estimate

Develop a detailed estimate based on your needs, concerns and expectations as well as frequency of service.

Accept the Quote

Accept the quote or request changes which generates a job request and schedule service visit based on the type of service and frequency.

Welcome to Mosaic Home Services

Yard Hero is proud to be a member of the Mosaic Home Services group of companies. Mosaic Home Services works with a continuously expanding number of home service brands to make sure all of your home improvement needs are covered. The Mosaic Family can connect you with cleaning services, painting services, fencing, holiday decor, and more!

Learn more about our affiliated brands at GetMosaic.ca or reach out to our representatives for services.

Are you ready to get your complimentary inspection and consultation? Connect with our team at 780-453-5322 today to schedule a meeting with your local Yard Hero consultants!

Stack The Savings

The Mosaic Home Services Family of Companies prides itself on exceptional client experiences throughout all of our associated brands. You can expect the same professional standards from every project manager from your initial sales inquiry to the completion of your project. No matter which company you work with, we will do what it takes to make it right.

We value your business and the relationships we have built, and our entire group is committed to rewarding you for your loyalty. Mosaic Home Services has introduced the Stack the Savings program as a way to show our appreciation for your business.

Call another Mosaic Home Services affiliated brand and learn how you can save on your next project! 

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We Care So You Can Live Carefree

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